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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2017 McDonald's Happy Meal Hot Wheels Toys - Challenge Lab (Complete Assortment of 8)

I got them all! Pretty quickly too I think. I promised to give credit to my mom for helping me hunt all of these down, so thanks mom! Anyways, each car has its own special feature, it's actually kind of educational, so that's pretty awesome. They are all pullbacks too, meaning they move forward when you roll the car back, but they all have special individual features on top of that. It's pretty creative and fun!

Street Shaker - Drifting (1/8)

Make it drift by flipping over the base.

Spin King - Acceleration (2/8)

Shows you how fast the car went via the windshield speedometer.

Torque Twister - Steering (3/8)

Steer the car by rotating the inside switch under the roof.

Dawgzilla - Suspension (4/5)

Turn suspension on or off for the front wheels.

Land Crusher - Drivetrain (5/8)

Flip the chassis around to make it go in reverse.

24 Ours - Horsepower (6/8)

Push the switch to change the power output, slow vs fast.

Hollowback - Design (7/8)

Push a button on the nose of the car to lift the body up to reveal the inside design of the car.

Formula Street - The Chassis (8/8)

Take the body off to reveal the inner mechanics.

So which one is your most favorite one?