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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Screamliner & Fly-By

I have 2 new for 2014 castings to show off today! They are both Hot Wheels original designs, the Screamliner in green and the Fly-By in yellow! The Screamliner boasts a V12 engine with an exotic classic look, pretty sweet looking if you ask me. The Fly-By is a very awesome motorcycle casting too, it features a fighter jet look with swept back wings in the rear. And the turbine in the center of the casting spins too!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mad Propz & Poison Arrow

Here are 2 uncommon Hot Wheels castings, the Mad Propz in red and the Poison Arrow in black! I'm sure it couldn't be anymore obvious but these Hot Wheels are uncommon because they are both airplanes instead of the usual cars we see all the time. Anyways, Mad Propz has a fire fighting theme while the Poison Arrow has a police theme, and they are both feature spinning propellers, pretty neat!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Custom '11 Camaro & '65 Mustang Fastback - Purple, Yellow, and White

I previously showed these cars in the 5-packs they each came from but I just wanted to show them again, but this time more up close. The theme for this post are the colors of the paint both of these cars are, I guess they would be Lakers colors. But, I just think it's a good looking combination of colors. Anyways, the previous posts can be found here for the Camaro and here for the Mustang.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Current Hot Wheels Desk Warmers

These are the Hot Wheels that are currently sitting on my desk for my viewing pleasure. It's constantly changing but this is what it is at the moment.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hot Wheels 100% - Wild Wood: '48 Ford & '30s Custom Roadster Pickup

Here are another 2 extremely awesome Hot Wheels! They are the '48 Ford in blue with surfboards and the Custom Roadster in purple! I just recently purchased both of these off of eBay for a really good deal because the box was beaten up pretty badly, but that doesn't matter to a collector like me who opens up everything! Anyways, for these 100% Hot Wheels, they were released back in 2003 so at this point they are well over a decade old. Another thing to note is that it says eBay on the box, I don't know if it was an exclusive from eBay back then or what, I'm not sure at all how eBay is related to the set. Next, moving on to the actual car themselves, they are both of course metal/metal and they both have real riders (even the spare tire on the Ford). In addition, they also have extreme detailing in and out, see for yourself in all the pictures! Also while you're doing that, check out the surfboards and window paintings on the Ford and the super skinny front tires on the Custom Roadster! Also I'm not sure why, it may be an error, but the hood just comes off the Custom Roadster. It's odd but that's fine with me. So, overall I really love these 100% Hot Wheels, they're really awesome!