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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hot Wheels Race Rewards - Monster Jam

I'm not sure if this an error or not but it looks like Hot Wheels Monster Jam (the regular die-cast ones) can no longer be redeemed for points, at least it isn't listed on the site anymore. However, I was still able to redeem a Monster Jam truck I purchased recently, so I'm not exactly sure. Another thing I noticed is that a Hot Wheels Monster Jam 1:64 Grave Digger Vehicle can be redeemed for 4500 points. This is really weird because the Grave Digger Monster Jam truck isn't anything special, it is the same as any other Hot Wheels Monster Jam truck except for the actual design of course. So this means for the same price and same toy as any other Monster Jam truck, you could get 4500 points rather than 500 points, which is what it should be for Monster Jam trucks. It's very odd but an extremely great bonus if it actually works!

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