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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Walmart Exclusive 2014 Easter Assortment

Happy Easter! It's finally here! Well maybe it's not quite Easter yet but the Hot Wheels's 2014 Easter assortment can now be found at Walmart for just 84 cents! This assortment of Easter Hot Wheels all have very bright, eye catching, color combinations that matches Easter's overall theme for the kids. They are kind of like colored Easter eggs, but cooler! Although I would have to admit that if I ever saw one of these as a full scale sized car driving around, it'd look pretty bizarre or weird, but for toy cars they look great, reminds me of candy. Overall, there are 8 in the assortment and I completed the set, check them out!

'69 Camaro (1/8)

'70 Chevy Chevelle Convertible (2/8)

32 Ford Vicky (3/8)

Boom Box (4/8)

Metrorail Nash Metropolitan (5/8)

Phaeton (6/8)

Pro Stock Firebird (7/8)

Toyota Off-Road Truck (8/8)

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