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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Track Builder 5-Pack

This is a 5-pack I purchased from Toys "R" Us because it was on sale, but what really caught my eye in the first place was the Camaro since I try to collect as many Camaros as I can find. Although I prefer a normal Camaro over this Custom Camaro, it's still a Camaro so I couldn't pass it up while it was on sale. But I do like the purple on this Camaro with the yellow and white accents. It definitely puts a Lakers theme on it too if you're into that NBA team. As for the rest of the cars, I believe they are all Hot Wheels's original creations, they're pretty cool and I like their color combinations!

Custom '11 Camaro

Spine Buster

Asphalt Assault

Krazy 8s

High Voltage

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