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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walmart Exclusive 2014 Mustang 50 Years Assortment

I finally found them! It's the 50th anniversary Mustang assortment! These Mustang Hot Wheels first showed up in Walmarts well over a month ago but for whatever reason they took over a month to show up at my local Walmarts. So, after not seeing them arrive at my local Walmarts I kind of gave up on them, but in the end the Mustangs did appear which was a nice surprise! I got my hands on all 8 of them for only 84 cents a piece, an excellent deal! Overall, it's an awesome assortment, check out the colors and designs on each of these Mustangs! One more thing to note though, the casting of the '03 Ford Mustang Cobra is actually a '98 Ford Mustang Cobra. To be more specific, the card art shows an '03 Mustang but the Mustang casting itself is a '98. Hot Wheels did mess that up but that's ok, I'm still very happy with my completed set of the 50th Anniversary Mustangs, check them out!

'62 Ford Mustang Concept (1/8)

'67 Ford Mustang (2/8)

'71 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (3/8)

'92 Ford Mustang (4/8)

'98 Ford Mustang Cobra (5/8)

'07 Ford Mustang (6/8)

Custom '12 Ford Mustang (7/8)

'13 Ford Mustang GT (8/8)

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