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Monday, April 14, 2014

Chevy Camaro Concept & Straight Pipes

More cool classics! I can never get enough of them, they just look so delicious like candy! Anyways, I got both of these fairly recently, they are the Camaro in gold and the Straight Pipes in green. As a Camaro fan, I try to get as many Camaros as I can so this definitely wasn't an exception. However, although nothing is wrong with the Camaro, I just wish it came in another color. I'm not really into that gold color on the Camaro, but I suppose it's better than not having a Camaro in the Cool Classics series. For Straight Pipes on the other hand, I think the green on it looks really sweet! It just pops and stands out a lot, it's awesome. The casting itself is cool too, just take a look at it!

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