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Saturday, January 31, 2015

'13 Copo Camaro & Torque Twister

Here are two muscle cars! One being a real car, while the other being a fantasy car. The real one is of course the Camaro, which is blue. And I have to say, the new Hot Wheels Race Team design looks great with the blue, orange, and black! The other purple model is the Torque Twister. It has basketball as its theme which is pretty cool. It's for the HW All Stars segment from the 2015 mainline. Overall, I like both of these castings!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Toyota AE-86 Corolla & Datsun 240Z

I have some old school cars to show case today! The red one is a Toyota Corolla while the black one is the Datsun 240Z. I think both of these castings are dressed up in a neat fashion. They both have racing graphics that look cool as usual. Hot Wheels does a good job at doing that!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pedal Driver & Turbine Time

Both of these castings are new for 2015! And they're both red too! The Pedal Driver is a small looking car with flames across its sides. As the name implies, I imagine this is just a car that is propelled by pedaling by foot, as the base of this casting shows. However, it has a huge engine sticking out of the hood so I guess there is no need for that! The Turbine Time is an interesting piece too. It's basically a big rig truck with a huge turbine in its grill. It can't get much cooler than that! And that applies for both of these new castings!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

'67 Pontiac GTO & '69 Chevelle SS 396

I have two classic old muscle cars from the late 60s to show off today! The first one is a deep blue with yellow Pontiac GTO. The other one is a white with blue Chevelle SS 396. Both cars have stripes along their tops and sides and they both look very awesome. The color combination for each car is executed very well!