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Friday, January 23, 2015

Back To The Future Time Machine & '81 DeLorean DMC-12

I finally got my hands on a time machine! Well, a die-cast toy car time machine anyways. I've been wanting this for awhile and I finally found a good deal on eBay so I jumped right on it. The silver casting with the very noticeable time machine stuff popping out of the back is the world famous Back To The Future Time Machine. It was a must have for me! Since the time machine is just a super modified DeLorean I figured I'd compare it to a normal DeLorean which is exactly what the other gray colored casting is. This one can't time travel but it is still cool. The trunk pops up too!

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  1. exista a hot wheels car to time machine of back to the future 2, the wheels looks like DeLorean flying