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Monday, October 14, 2019

Winning Formula & Fulcrum Ramp (2019 McDonald's Happy Meal Hot Wheels Toy #5)

Here's a car from the 2019 McDonald's Happy Meal Hot Wheels toy set! So yes, it's still all plastic. And their wheels are interlocked making them not roll as well as your typical Hot Wheels casting. Aside from that, they are similar in size to your typical Hot Wheels car, unlike previous years where the Happy Meal Hot Wheels cars were jumbo sized. Why does that matter? Well, it makes them track compatible. I'm not talking about the track that came with the Happy Meal toy, I mean with your standard Hot Wheels track, which is pretty neat. So this means your regular Hot Wheels cars can use these Happy Meal tracks too, and vice versa. And yes, the Happy Meal tracks and standard tracks are compatible. They snap together well, I tried it myself. So that part is great! Oh, and one more thing, I'd like to thank my mom helping me obtain the entire set, thanks mom!

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