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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome

This is the complete set (or at least the first set so far) that can be found in the Hot Wheels mainline of basic cars. I'm guessing it's to celebrate and let people know about their animated special Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome. This special animated episode can be seen here on youtube. I'm also guessing there is going to be more of this cartoon but as stated in the video's description, there is a movie coming out very soon. Besides that, I don't know much else. Either way, as far as the cars go, they are sweet as usual! Special card art too!

Edit: Check out Rev Rod by clicking here!

Twin Mill

Bone Shaker

Baja Truck

Quick N' Sik


  1. What store did you find these cars in!? I've been looking for them like crazy!

    1. You should still be able to find them, I've seen a bunch of them in Walmarts, Targets, and Toys R Us still. But any store that carries the more recent Hot Wheels should have them. But good luck hunting!

  2. i looked online and they where 67 us dollars

  3. i just gat that same pakige yesterday