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Monday, June 23, 2014

Monster Mission 5-Pack

It's another 5-pack! This time they're all fantasy castings though, so it's probably not too popular with collectors but I like them, especially the piranha looking one, it definitely caught my eye! All of these cars are plastic with metal bases however, which is fine with me. I think it's a nice 5-pack, even if it was mostly meant for kids!

Piranha Terror

Skull Crusher


Solar Reflex



  1. I just picked up this set and it's really nice! I love the fantasy Hot Wheels, that and pop cultural vehicles, like the Ecto 1 and the Mystery Machine. I don't have any Halloween cars and I just can't wait to see what we get for 2014!

    1. Yeah, it's a nice fantasy set! I can't wait wait for the Halloween ones too, there should be an announcement for them soon but who knows.

    2. I keep searching the web for news on 2014 Halloween cars and I can't find anything. I start getting excited about Halloween about 3 months out, so I'm sure I'm just a little early.

    3. Haha, is there a reason why you're so excited? I suppose it's still a bit too early though, but it shouldn't take too much longer!

  2. nice 5 pack,awesome to see piranha terror and firestorm returning!