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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Personally Customized Rivited

Here is a Rivited I customized myself, it was originally a McDonald's Happy Meal toy back from 2005. All I did to it was that I removed the paint and polished it up a bit to give it a nice clean Zamac/metal finish. On top of that I swapped out the wheels for some plastic black Good Year ones. Also I accented it with some black paint and I detailed the headlights, taillights, grill, windshield wipers, and such. Overall I like my amateur customization job, it was fun! And it lights up too, cool!

The original is to the right for comparison.

Some work in progress pictures:


  1. Fantastic custom, I love how those wheels look on there. It would be great to see a real car like this. Thanks for posting the pics.

    1. I just watched the video and noticed the painted headlights and taillights, crazy good work.

    2. Thanks! And I agree, a real version of this would be super awesome, and thanks again!