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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Custom 1972 Datsun 240Z (2018 RLC Exclusive sELECTIONs Series - Opening Hood)

It's finally here. And dang, it's good. It's real good. Like, I can't believe how good it really is, good. This is without a doubt, the best 240Z Hot Wheels has ever done (at least at the time of this blog post). The colors are amazing, Spectraflame blue with orange accents including the rim outlines and rollbar, it's real nice. So yeah, it's metal/metal with Real Riders, as expected. But in addition, the detailing on this thing is amazing. It's not just your typical headlights and taillights with some emblems and license plates. Just check out that dope interior. There's a detailed subwoofer in the rear, the seats are detailed, and even the floor has detailing. Even the underside has some detailing. The carbon fiber hood has some texture and it opens (and stays open) and closes perfectly. Then opening the hood reveals the beautiful GReddy engine, which is superb too. Yup, worth the wait for this perfect Z.

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