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Monday, February 23, 2015

Road Roller & Bone Shaker (Big Rig Truck with Detachable Cab + Basic Car Set)

I have a huge casting to show off today, and I mean huge! It's the Road Roller, a big rig! It looks like an aggressive truck, which I like a lot. If a hot rod were to become a big rig, this is it! It looks super awesome in black and red. The art on the on the container looks super sweet too, it really stands out! The Bone Shaker shown on the container actually comes with the truck too which is neat. Looking at the included open roof Bone Shaker that's flat red, it looks good too, especially along side the Road Roller. The Bone Shaker is metal on metal too, which is excellent. Overall, I really like this set! The two castings compliment each other perfectly! Also, check out Road Rally!

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