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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

'57 Ford Thunderbird & '63 Ford Thunderbird

I got these off of eBay for a little more than a buck each, which was awesome! They were all originally from the Classics series from back in the day. All the cars are all metal/metal while featuring Spectraflame paint and whitewall tires. Anyways, the 1957 T-Birds are the green and red ones while the 1963 T-Birds are the blue and gold ones. They sure are all shiny, I love them!


  1. Wow, these look awesome! It's always nice to see the metal/metal cars. When were these produced?

    Have you seen the new Peanuts cars that came out this month? Those are metal/metal, but they cost around $4-$5 each. :(

    1. Yeah they are, I agree! I believe it was 2005, so just a decade ago.

      I haven't seen any in person, just photos. Yes, they have real riders as well which is great too, I like the Zamac one in that set the most I think. Pop Culture sets usually go for that much, but considering what they are going for in the aftermarket, it's a bargain lol.