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Sunday, February 19, 2023

Dodge Tradesman Van (2023 RLC Exclusive! | Purple Shag Van)

What a beauty! The Spectraflame purple paint job is awesome and very fitting. Of course it's metal/metal with Real Riders. In addition to all the details, the rear doors and side doors open up to reveal even more details! The rear doors open up to a bed while the side doors open up to a sofa. Very well done!


  1. A thing of beauty.

  2. Did this REALLY happen and isn't an early April fools joke?

    From the ill-fitting side doors to a BED in the back to the "ROCKN" license plate (with crooked letters, wink wink), this just really seems a bit like something Mattel might choose to not sell. I'm not even offended by it, and If I had known about it I might have bought one just for the sleaze factor. I'm really just wondering how it wound up getting approved.