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Monday, August 11, 2014

Turbo Driver Stockar

I picked this up at a Toys "R" Us for $2.99, a decent deal! It came with a chrome Stockar, a CD-ROM, and a controller for a game, not that I really have any intentions of playing it even if it works anymore, since it says "we reserve the right to terminate Turbo Driver online services after January 1, 2010." But either way, I got it for the exclusive Stockar that only comes with this game, check it out! To me, it looks like the chrome is actually a very shiny polished metal finish rather than a chrome painted finish, which would make it a Zamac, if it really is a metal finish. But I don't know for sure, it's still a neat car in the end!


  1. does this work with normal cars?

    1. No, it needs to have the special prongs as seen on the base of the car.

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