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Thursday, August 14, 2014

2014 McDonald's Happy Meal Hot Wheels Toys

Alright, I got them all! This time around the Hot Wheels are a bit bigger than the normal Hot Wheels 1:64 castings size. The construction is all plastic except for the metal axles and they all come with air pumps that push each car forward. The action of the air pumps aren't too great but it's still fun to play with and see how far it goes each time. Something that I found interesting is that a lot of the cars came with extra unnumbered stickers that weren't instructed to be put on, so I guess they gave more freedom for kids to customize their cars a bit more. But a lot of these extra stickers are quite big so most of the time they don't fit too well on the cars themselves, but that's ok, extra stickers are never bad! Anyways, there are eight cars in total and they selected some good ones! My favorites include the Fast Fish, Rip Rod, Quick 'N Sik, and the Baja Bone Shaker!

The new Happy Meal mascot is a bit too creepy, isn't it?

Baja Bone Shaker (1/8)

Quick 'N Sik (2/8)

Turbo Turret (3/8)

Circle Trucker (4/8)

HW Pursuit (5/8)

Fast 4WD (6/8)

Rip Rod (7/8)

Fast Fish (8/8)

The air pumps that came with each car.

The extra unnumbered stickers.

Comparison between the Happy Meal toys and the regular mainline version. The regular one is on the right.

And special thanks to my mom for helping me hunt all of these down!

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