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Saturday, March 21, 2015

1 Year Anniversary of Julian's Hot Wheels Blog!

Wow, it's been one year already! I just wanted to thank everyone who has stopped by on my blog at least once, and of course, a huge thank you for those who keep coming back day after day, so thanks! I'm surprised that I was able to post at least once a day too! At least I don't think I missed any days, but who knows. But either way, I'll keep doing my best to keep up the daily posts! Anyways, thanks a lot once again! I appreciate all of you for checking out my blog!

Thanks a lot!!!


  1. nice blog, I like ur pics. btw didnt knew u liked lego! me iu used to collect lego racers. not anymore now since they dont make em now :P.-thepufferfish501

    1. Thanks! Yeah I like Legos, they're really fun. Who doesn't like building stuff out of plastic blocks lol. And thanks for checking out my blog!