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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2014 Monster Mutt Anniversary Monster Jam Truck - Race Rewards Exclusive (Walmart)

I finally got it! With some complications, it took awhile, but it's finally here nonetheless! Anyways, it's a pretty awesome monster truck casting. It has rubberized paint for a textured fur effect which is pretty cool. Even the wheels are painted in to look fur-like, not mud, upon further inspection. The wheels actually look like chocolate donuts too, if you ask me. In addition, the mini fig that came with the truck is pretty detailed too. It also has the fur-like paint on it and even the paws are painted in! For something that was free, it's beyond awesome! And for a comparison of this Monster Mutt to a mainline version, click here!

Comparison to the Monster Mutt Dalmatian. (Check out another comparison here.)

Check out another comparison here!

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