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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ferrari 599XX (2015 D Case Super Treasure Hunt)

I can't believe found one of these! It's a Ferrari 599XX super treasure hunt, you should have seen my face when I found this super sitting on a peg at a dollar store. Just like any other super treasure hunt, this thing is awesome sporting real riders. However, besides the TH logo, it seems like there are not additional Tampos in comparison with the basic non-super version. Also, usually the paint is Spectraflame but this Ferrari seems to only have regular glossy black paint? Maybe I'm wrong and it's just really hard to tell the difference but that's ok, a super is still a super and it's still super awesome nonetheless!

The super treasure hunt in comparison with the basic non-super version on the right.


  1. I have to buy this in colected market for 10$, well, is the last ferrari and the last sth by hotwheels, is like bugatti, in some year this ferrari sth are very very expensive item, well now is to

    1. That's a pretty good deal. That's true, they are all pretty expensive.

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  3. Wow, what an incredible find! The Ferrari 599XX super treasure hunt is indeed a gem, and stumbling upon it at a dollar store must have been an exhilarating moment. The real riders and the TH logo add a special touch, showcasing the attention to detail that makes super treasure hunts so coveted among collectors. It's interesting to note the potential differences in paint, and whether it's Spectraflame or glossy black, the essence of discovering a super treasure hunt is undeniably thrilling.

    On a related note, if you ever decide to part ways with any used cars in your collection, there's a fantastic joy in passing on these treasures to fellow enthusiasts. Your find is a testament to the unexpected surprises that make collecting so rewarding. Enjoy your fantastic discovery, and may your collection continue to grow with more exciting surprises!