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Thursday, October 5, 2017

2017 Illest Fatlace Exclusive 1964 Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus (With Bonus Surfboard and Stickers)

Man is this sucker clean! What a sweet looking VW Bus for sure, I don't need to put that into words when the photos speak for themselves. Not only does it look super clean in gray and black, it's also all metal, complete with Fatlace rubber wheels. In addition, this is the preorder exclusive, meaning it came with a wooden surfboard and a sticker sheet. So that's nice a bonus. But man oh man, is this VW awesome!

Just messing around with the surfboard, here's some bonus photos.


  1. Nice editorial. I would like to replicate the surfboard as my model has no board. Any chance you can share detailed photos of the surfboard?

    1. What kind of detailed photos are you looking for? Top view, bottom view, and profile (flat side)?