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Sunday, August 26, 2018

2018 Walmart Exclusive Disney Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday / Anniversary Set

Happy 90th Anniversary to Mickey Mouse and Happy 50th Anniversary to Hot Wheels! To celebrate, check out this awesome Mickey Mouse Hot Wheels set of eight cars! I think I like the 1932 Ford and the Bread Box the most. Yourself?

1932 Ford - Steamboat Willie (1/8)

1957 Plymouth Fury - Mickey's Garden (2/8)

Covelight - Mickey Mouse "The Band Concert" (3/8)

Avant Garde - Brave Little Tailor (4/8)

1940 Ford Coupe - Fantasia (5/8)

Torque Twister - Prince Pauper (6/8)

Rocket Box - Mickey Mouse Club (7/8)

Bread Box - Mickey Mouse (8/8)

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