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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Disney Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Set! (2018 Halloween)

What an awesome set we have this year for Halloween! And kind of doubles as Christmas too, just because of the movie setting! It's a very neat set, I personally love the Quick 'N Sik the most featuring Zero. Yourself?

Street Creeper - Jack Skellington (1/8)

Custom 1969 Volkswagen Sqaureback - Sally (2/8)

Super Van - Oogie Boogie (3/8)

Midnight Otto - Dr. Finklestein (4/8)

Quick 'N Sik - Zero (5/8)

Cool-One - Mayor (6/8)

Cockney Cab II - Lock, Shock, & Barrel (7/8)

Power Panel - Sandy Claws (8/8)


  1. I like the Street Creeper, almost as good as the purple from 2017.

    1. Nice choice! The purple one is sweet looking for sure.

    2. Street Creeper...although fuck you, Mattel, for your annoyingly selective non-chroming policy. (Apologies for the profanity: I get a bit worked up sometimes.)