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Monday, December 24, 2018

2018 Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

Merry Christmas! To celebrate, here's a Hot Wheels Advent Calendar. It includes 8 cars (all multipack exclusives) and 16 other pieces, for 24 items total! And the box itself can be used as a track to play on! And a very special thanks to my mom who gifted this to me!

Day 1: RD-08

Day 2: Sled

Day 3: F1 Racer

Day 4: Snow Ramp

Day 5: Traffic Cone

Day 6: Rev Rod

Day 7: Reindeer

Day 8: Snow Plow

Day 9: Torque Screw

Day 10: Skis

Day 11: Collector Pin / Badge

Day 12: Midnight Otto

Day 13: Christmas Tree (Drag Racing Lights)

Day 14: Reindeer (#2)

Day 15: Reindeer Sleigh

Day 16: Dieselboy

Day 17: Traffic Cone (#2)

Day 18: Yeti / Bigfoot

Day 19: Christmas Tree

Day 20: Bedlam

Day 21: Snow Tracks

Day 22: Gas Pump

Day 23: Snowman

Day 24: Carbide

Merry Christmas!

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