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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Octane (New for 2019! - HW Game Over | Rocket League)

Congratulations to Rocket League in getting one of their cars turned into a Hot Wheels casting! It looks awesome!


  1. Hey Julian!

    I saw your blog through search for diecast octane.
    Nice blog you have!

    I was wondering, where did you manage to get your hands on this octane?
    I live in Europe (Denmark) and when I search to buy it I can't find it anywhere, only news articles that it was supposed to be released...
    Would you mind sharing a link to where you bought it from?

    Thanks and keep up your blog!

    1. Unfortunately there's no link, you just have to go to whichever local stores that sell normal Hot Wheels in your area. Then you'll have to search through the pegs/bin/display (depends on your stores) and try to find it. It'll be hiding among the rest of the basic Hot Wheels cars. If it's not there, you'll have to try another store or wait a bit longer to find it.

      Here's a tip, it'll be in this assortment:
      If you do not see any of these cars, it most likely means the assortment has not arrived yet, so check back later. If you see the rest of the assortment cars, but not the Octane, it means all the Octanes were already bought.

      Worst case scenario, you would have to go to your local hobby stores/eBay, and the like, and pay a little extra to obtain it. But good luck!

  2. Oh man! Thanks for the help:) I will try to search on ebay - good idea:)
    Thanks a lot!

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