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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Superspeed Bikes

Here's something else I picked up while being in Indonesia, some rev-up motorcycles! They don't actually windup to move but if you just push them forward the gears work in such a way that they continue onto move by themselves, they can also move while doing a wheelie, pretty neat!  Another really neat feature is that they all have working stands and moveable steering wheels that do indeed turn the front wheel. The package says there are 8 models but I believe there are more. I thought there were only 2 models in which they come in 4 different colors but I found 3 different models that were all red. So maybe there is actually 12? Who knows, I only bought 5. Either way, it's a neat fun toy to play with!


  1. Hi Julian, I found there to be 4 models of bike so far. 1 with single exhaust on left, 1 with twin exhaust with flat ends, 1 with twin exhaust and a little extra 'nipple' at the end of the exhaust, and 1 with no exhaust (part of the Seat) so that is already 16 possibilities. Then I have noticed variations in the decals too which makes the possibilities endless.

    1. Nice observations! Yeah there seems to be a lot of possibilities with this set, it's definitely a lot more than I expected.

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