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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Turbo Car Series (Miniature Hot Wheels)

This was a very interesting find in Indonesia! Check out these miniature Hot Wheels! I don't believe I have ever seen Hot Wheels this small before so it was definitely a nice addition to the collection. I bought all 8 and they are all made out of plastic. However, since they were all in an enclosed plastic bag it was a bit hard trying to get them all just by touch. I had to feel for them inside of bubble wrap while also being inside the plastic package, but it was fun! The wheels do turn and each one has a Hot Wheels logo stamped on the bottom of the chassis. Although the construction is pretty cheaply made, it's still pretty awesome!

Twin Mill III

Bone Shaker

Deora II

Dairy Delivery

Torque Twister


Urban Agent

Howlin' Heat

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