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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bad Mudder 2 - 2013 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy

I actually got this car, Bad Mudder 2, a few months ago, back when Hot Wheels were still in the 2014 Happy Meals, which was around August of this year. So this post is behind but oh well! But what's interesting is that this is a 2013 Happy Meal toy but it was given out during 2014. I don't know why exactly, it could have been a leftover or somebody could have exchanged it just prior to me getting it, but I ended up with it which is totally fine with me! I didn't have it so I was actually quite lucky to obtain this, neat! But it's actually thanks to my mom since she was the one to order the Happy Meal, so, thanks! Anyways, this car is bigger than the usual Hot Wheels car and it lights up. Overall it's pretty nice! And be sure to check out this year's (2014) completed set of McDonald's Happy Meal Hot Wheels toys too!

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