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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Turbo Hauler

This thing is so big I had to take pictures of it on the ground rather than my usual desk, hope that's ok! But this huge truck is called the Turbo Hauler, and it's huge, I mean huge! It can hold forty 1:64 scale cars or so! It's pretty neat, the storage part expands to hold more cars and it can connect to Hot Wheels's track systems too. Although it's mostly meant for kids, I think collectors could use this for their collection as well. It can be a nice addition in how collectors display their cars. The Turbo Hauler is fairly narrow too, a bit more than two 1:64 car widths, so it'd fit in many places. But either way, most collectors won't be after this anyways, it's been around for awhile too. So, overall I really like this huge car-holder truck, it's awesome!

I got it to hold 45 cars, easily!

A truck.

A truck-truck.

A truck-truck-truck.

But I can go further.

A truck-truck-truck.

A truck-truck-truck-truck.

A truck-truck-truck-truck-truck!

I am referencing The Simpsons (YouTube link)


  1. Lol! That's awesome! If you had a Micromachine truck you could have a truck-truck-truck-truck-truck-truck! It's funny how many different scales of trucks there are in the Hot Wheels universe. I can at least make a truck-truck-truck with my collection. I love my carrying case truck. It's so much cooler to display your cars that way versus putting them in one of those collector's cases.

    1. Good call, I actually do have a Micromachine truck! lol. Though it would break my Hot Wheels brand combo. Yeah it's awesome, there must be even more too. Are you referring to another carrying case truck? Definitely! I really like this case, I'm glad I bought it finally.

    2. Nice! I love Micro Machines, especially Z-Bots, but that's a whole other type of toy entirely.

      Yeah, it's a different carrying case truck. it was a lucky find at my local D.I., just one buck! It holds about 15 cars and the sides fold up into handles so you can carry it with you. I should post it to my blog some time.

    3. Same here, I used to play with my set all the time when I was a kid. I don't recall Z-Bots though.

      Oh ok, sweet score! I'd definitely want to see that, if you ever post it on your blog I'll check it out for sure!