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Friday, October 31, 2014

Screamliner & Bone Shaker

Happy Halloween! These cars aren't related to Halloween directly, but they have the words "scream" and "bone" in their names, so I figured it was close enough! They are both painted black with flames on their sides, awesome! Anyways, the one with the gold accents is the Screamliner while the one with silver accents is the Bone Shaker. Together, they make quite a nice pairing actually!


  1. Whoa, i love the color scheme with these! I have my eye on a purple Screamliner, but I really like this black version! That Boneshaker looks really nice too, this may be my new favorite version of the legendary vehicle!

    1. Yeah, these look awesome for sure! I think my favorite Bone Shaker is still the pink one that came out last year.