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Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 Stars & Stripes Series (Walmart Exclusive)

Now, this is one super awesome set of ten patriotic cars! Each car is decorated in red, white, and blue which of course represents the United States of America. Overall, I think Hot Wheels did an excellent job with this set, especially how they did the card art. The cards can be rearranged in such a way that it creates a bigger picture. It makes the U.S. flag with two bald eagles, how awesome is that? I think it's way cool. So which car is your favorite out of this set?

1970 Ford Torino (1/10)

Fire-Eater (2/10)

1965 Mustang (3/10)

Custom 1977 Dodge Van (4/10)

Camaro Z28 (5/10)

1971 Plymouth Satellite (6/10)

Hiway Hauler 2 (7/10)

8 Crate (8/10)

1967 Chevy C10 (9/10)

Rodger Dodger (10/10)

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