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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Princess Leia (Star Wars Character Car)

Here's some more Star Wars Hot Wheels, a character car this time around!


  1. I do not like these cars by Hot Wheels.

    They have absolutely nothing to do with the movie and yet cost a lot of extra money. I feel like I'm being scammed when I see them :(

    Why not just make a diecast tie fighter or xwing or something like that. I would buy that!!! I've already bought the Hot Wheels Enterprise from Star Trek.

    I've written about this subject at Random Hot Wheels, please check it out and drop your thoughts there!

    1. Well it's a character car after all, it's not supposed to be an actual car lol. But yeah, Star Wars has no cars in it. I think the price is about right for what it is, since these are castings only meant to be used for one or a couple releases.

      But they already do Starships, they've done a ton lol.