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Friday, December 1, 2017

1970 Mustang Boss 302 (2017 HWC Edition!)

Talk about another awesome HWC piece to add to the collection! Man, is it shiny or what? The brilliant blue Spectraflame paintjob, excellent details, metal on metal construction, and rubber Goodyear tires, what's not to love about this Mustang Boss. Well, see the photos as always! Though nothing beats seeing it and holding it in person!

Scroll below to see what this QR code does, or scan to find out yourself!

On the HWC Cabbin' Fever (click here to see more of this ramp truck).

The QR code on the back of the card goes to a website where you can "play" a game, it's just clicking a square basically. But it doesn't seem to have a max amount of tries? I could be wrong but give a shot if you want! If it works, you'll be able to score some various desktop background photos of sweet looking cars, such as the ones below! Here's the link if you cannot scan the code:  (Serial Number: 086133822FD; Authenticity Code: 42CCF). Good luck!

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