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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX (2019 Car Culture - Gulf)

Metal on metal, check. Real Riders, check. Cool graphics, of course. What is there not to enjoy about this casting. These Car Culture cars have been on a roll!


  1. Still on the fence about this casting. I love my old school JDM but this is is over sized it's more old School USDM than JDM don't you reckon?
    Gulf livery looks sick though <3

    1. I like it, though it always has the small wheels. I'd like to see it with regular sized wheels but perhaps it doesn't work on this casting. Love the Gulf for sure though.

  2. Beautiful car I have it... But I would like to know it's true value I seen it for 10 to 15$