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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Homer

This is an extremely popular casting, so hard to find that I had no choice but to buy it off of eBay. Here is the car built for Homer by Powell Motors, The Homer! As somebody who loves The Simpsons, this must be one of my favorite Hot Wheels car of this year so far, if not of all time. Definitely a must have for me!


  1. I love the Simpsons and I love The Homer! I lucked out big time and found this at the dollar store recently. I thought I would never own it.

    1. Same here! And Congratulations! That's awesome, I ended up buying it off of eBay but I recently just found like 5 of them at a grocery store, but that's ok. I just bought a couple for some friends that couldn't find them and left the rest behind.