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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

T-Bird Stocker Color Shifter

Now, earlier I had a post wondering if this was some sort of treasure hunt or not because of the circle flame logo on it, but I guess I won't actually know, at least not for now anyways. But either way, it's a nice color shifter, the red and gold looks great on this T-Bird Stocker!

Edit: As we would have guessed, it has been confirmed that this isn't a T-hunt. It's still cool though!


  1. I Just Bought The Same Car For My Son From Target And No Matter What Temperature Water I Use It Doesn't Change Color... :(

    1. Are you using ice water? Sometimes cold water isn't enough and it needs ice too. Otherwise I'm not sure what the problem would be without contacting Mattel.

    2. Huh

      I've had nothing but good experience with the HW Color Shifters. The only problem I have with them is that they're a bit pricey compared to their regular models... but then again, they're still cheaper than the "special edition" cars like Star Wars and similar. I still don't get it how they can sell a made up SW car for double the price but they sell cool movie toy cars like the Back to the Future Delorean for regular price.

      Anyways... I was and still am pretty satisfied with the Color Shifters, I really like how they actually change from one color to a completely different one, unlike cheaper cars made by other manufacturers. Bought my kid a few so far. Have a few cool photos at Hot Wheels Color Shifters, hope you like them... I'm gonna post a few more photos of the newer models my son got.