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Friday, May 9, 2014

2005 Value Pack - Part 4: Thundercycles

Here is the final post of the 2005 value pack, the Thundercycles! I actually never heard of these until I bought them, so it's a nice addition to the collection. They are bigger than basic Hot Wheels cars and interestingly to me, they have Phillips head screws on the bottom. This is weird to me because usually Hot Wheels uses rivets (no screws at all) instead and usually toys don't use Phillips head screws to begin with. Either way, the Thundercycles are awesome, check out their big tires too! For the rest of the value pack, click here for the introduction, the first half of basic Hot Wheels, and the second half of basic Hot Wheels.







  1. Hmm. This is the second blog I've read where the one with the X-ray rider and skull front are called "Cyber Tooth". But there's already a Cybertooth in the Hotwheels universe. I velieve this one is actually called "Bone Beast". I wonder where people are getting the other name from.

    1. Not sure, I just read what was labeled on the bottom but Hot Wheels is known to change casting names and being inconsistent occasionally.

  2. Ah, I see what you mean. It's right there, CYBERTOOTH stamped on the bottom lol. Likely they made the mold, but didn't have the rights to the name fully secured at that moment of release. Or, they'd accidentally already given CYBER TOOTH to their other vehicle. Beautiful toy by the way. Just got mine. Would be GREAT if they made them in more different colors than just blue or purple wheels. Having screws on these instead of the usually-sealed Hotwheels means you can swap out parts and customize them a bit.

    1. Yes, exactly lol. That could be a definite possibility, could just be a mistake too. And awesome, cool you were able to get some! And yeah that would be pretty cool too, especially being able to swap parts.