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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kroger Exclusive 2014 Sweet Rides Assortment

Here are some very delicious and sweet cars! Now I know Valentine's Day was quite awhile back but I still wanted to make a post about them so here they are, the complete set! Originally these sold at Kroger (Ralphs where I am) for nearly 5 bucks a piece which was ridiculous but I was able to get them all on clearance for only about a dollar a piece! I don't have any pictures of the card art these cars came on but they can be seen here. Anyways, these cars are definitely sweet rides as the name of the series suggest!

’07 Chevy Tahoe (1/6)

’41 Pro Mod Willys  (2/6)

Fiat 500 C (3/6)

Fire-Eater (4/6)

’68 Mercury Cougar (5/6)

’68 El Camino (6/6)

Some of these Hot Wheels had some minor errors so I thought I'd just share them here, if you're interested you can check my video out!

The errors include:
'68 El Camino - Misaligned wheel
'07 Chevy Tahoe - Small metal casting error
'41 Pro Mod Willys - Incomplete base paint

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