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Monday, May 26, 2014

Repackaged Target Exclusive 20-Pack

This is a very interesting 20-pack from Target! Why? Well there are quite a few reasons. First off, these are usually sold at around 20 bucks but these are priced down at $15.71 because they were repackaged by somebody. Not sure if it was a return or what but that person repackaged them incorrectly because all the cars in the packaging are reversed, meaning the front of the cars are facing left rather than facing right which is the way Hot Wheels should be packed. Also, if you take a look at the cars themselves, you'll find a couple interesting pieces that shouldn't even be in a Target store! Such as the 50th Anniversary Mustang that was an exclusive only to Walmart or the Sweet Rides Chevy Tahoe that was an exclusive only to Kroger. Not quite sure what the story is behind this 20-pack but it'd be a good deal for whoever decides to purchase it. This was definitely a neat find!

A normal 20-Pack for reference.

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