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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Indy Eagle & Brabham Repco F1 (Original 1969 Castings)

Here are the oldest Hot Wheels I have yet to obtain! They are both from 1969, only 1 year after Hot Wheels originally debuted! The Indy Eagle is the casting with the plastic piece sticking out of the rear while the Brabham Repco F1 is the casting with no missing tire parts unlike the Indy Eagle. Both cars are pretty beat up but they are still good. They both still roll too, which is great enough for me! Each car has the original Spectraflame paint along with working suspensions! They're also both metal on metal with red line tires, which is very neat as well. I have to say, these 1969 castings are pretty sweet! And one day I'll get 1968 Hot Wheels too!

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