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Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015 Kroger/Kmart Exclusive Halloween Set

Happy Halloween! Well not yet, but I already have the 2015 Halloween Hot Wheels which is good enough for me! This year there are only 4 cars in the set and the selection isn't as good as last year's set but it's not too bad. On the other hand, that Screamliner in purple is awesome, it looks fantastic. It's definitely my most favorite out of this year's set!

Hi I.Q. (1/4)

16 Angels (2/4)

Screamliner (3/4)

What-4-2 (4/4)


  1. This year's line up was a bit disappointing, but that Screamliner is amazing 9with a name like that how could it be anything short of amazing?)! The card art is gorgeous! I can't get enough of that Street Creeper, though it has been a bit overused for Halloween. I'm still missing the 16 Angels car.

    1. Agreed, not nearly as good as last year's but it's something. And definitely! The Screamliner is an awesome car and it looks pretty nice in purple. That's odd that the 16 Angels would be missing but good luck!