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Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Rad Trucks Series! (Walmart Exclusive)

Here is the latest Walmart exclusive set! This one features nothing but trucks, and they're all pretty sweet. My favorites are the Datsun 620 and the Custom '69 Chevy, how about yourself?

2009 Ford F-150 (1/8)

Custom '69 Chevy Pickup (2/8)

'79 Ford Pickup (3/8)

Datsun 620 (4/8)

Nissan Titan (5/8)

Custom Ford Bronco (6/8)

Chevy Silverado (7/8)

'10 Toyota Tundra (8/8)


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  2. Very helpful thanks, these can be hard to find on the anternet. I like the first four in series best. I only have the 79 ford at the moment. Later I will use some tools to remove and maybe alter the camper shell. I might try to find the 69 chevy for a match build in the near future.

    1. No problem and yes, they can be overpriced on the internet too. Nice, that'll be a fun project, good luck and happy hunting!

  3. Disculpen. Dónde podre encontrar algunos de esos autos
    Ayuda por favor..