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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another $TH Error?! - 2010 Pro Stock Camaro (2016 H Case Super Treasure Hunt - I Guess?)

As the title of this post states, I found another Pro Stock Camaro super error, or is it a super at all? Well see the photos below for yourself. Basically what I found was a basic non-super Camaro with the super TH Camaro's Real Riders wheels. In other words, this "super" has no TH logo on it and it only has the regular metalflake paint job, no Spectraflame, but it does sport the rubber tires the super has. In addition, behind the Camaro on the card hides a gold circle flame logo denoting that it is indeed a super treasure hunt. So what is it, a basic with super treasure hunt rubber wheels or a super with no TH logo and no Spectraflame? Or does it even matter? Who cares? Yeah maybe, cool find either way, it is what it is. For now I'll keep it carded to see if I can trade it for something else, or maybe I'll keep it, we'll see. And be sure to check out my other Pro Stock Camaro super treasure hunt error! Click here to see that one.

In comparison with a basic non-super.

In comparison with the super (wheels swapped error).

In comparison with the non-super and super.

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