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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Volkswagen Drag Bus (1996 First Editions)

This is the first ever release of the very popular VW Drag Bus casting! I'm super excited to get my hands on it. And now that it's 2016, this thing is over 20 years old, wow!


  1. Congrats! Take good care of it.

  2. Beautiful casting, one of the best ever made. I prefer 21-window version, because it looks more detailed, but first Drag Bus - best Drag Bus. 20 years in past, oh My ).
    I hope You don't mind if I use some of photos in My blog. Cheers ).

    1. Agreed, it's really awesome. That version is sweet too but I prefer this version just simply because it' heavier this way lol. Thanks!
      And yeah, go right ahead, thanks for asking first!

    2. Even heavier? Omg, I want one :D. Just need to wait a couple of weeks.
      Btw, here's Mine 21-window version (the only one at the moment):

      Nice blog. I will forward it and hope for other interesting conversations.

    3. Yes, well slightly, I mean it has metal where the windows would be lol. Nice, that thing looks super awesome!

      And thanks!